fairy face painting butterfly

fairy face painting butterfly

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Normal Rates start at 100.00 per hour. We offer a 3 hour special for 250.00 if you book in advance. Churches and schools may qualify for a discount, please contact for individual bases. Any of the following services qualify for this rate.

- Face Painting
- Balloons
- Glitter Tattoos
- Hair Color fun (Fairy Hair)

What services can we offer for you next party? How many kids do you have?
Below is an estimated number of kids per party we can do hourly and the services recommended to entertain your number of kids. We love multiple hour parties!

1 Artist Hourly Quota


Multiple Artists for 1 hour time slot


1 Hour Parties and Services
2-4 Kids - Face Painting, Balloons, Glitter Tattoos, Hair and Pictures!
5-8 Kids - Face Painting, Balloons, and Pictures or Glitter Tattoos
8-10 Kids - Face Painting and Pictures, or Balloons and Glitter Tattoos
12-15 Kids - Face Painting OR Glitter Tattoos OR Balloons
15+ Kids - Balloon Twisting

Face Painting Rates-
Around 12 kids can be painted in one hour for full face designs. I use hypo-allergenic non-metallic paint, its the highest quality on the market and I carry dozens of different colors, shimmers, glitters, jewels, and other quality make-up and face paint accessories. Each child gets their own sponges and lip brushes. Prices are 100.00 an hour and include any of the following services, face painting, balloon twisting, glitter tattoos and colored hair spray. Each service provided serves a different number of children per hour. Please call for time restraints.

Pre-Made Balloons! - Save time and money on having pre-made balloons. The standard pre-made balloons are 50.00 for a variety of 50 mixed balloons. Please visit our Pre-Made Balloon page for additional themes and packages.

Balloon Twisting Art - I currently have over 600 different design shapes I offer. Ranging from 6 - 35 balloon shapes an hour depending on the complexity.

Glitter Tattoos - Glitter tattoos are a great addition to any party and go great with balloons and face paint. They are water-proof and sweat-proof and last for about a week. Glitter tattoos can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol, and cause no staining. This service works best for body art such as arms, ankles and backs.

Colored Hair Spray - Funky Sprayed hair is great for any party to fully pamper your birthday star and their friends! Stripes, polka dots, stencils and other designs are available and several different colors to choose from to match a childs attire.

Clik'n Print Photos - Have some great fun with these memorable pictures printed on the spot. Your guest can even use their smart phone and print their own photos via bluetooth. After the child gets their face painted a picture is taken and printed on the spot with a battery charged mobile printer. Up to 50 pictures can be printed in 1 hour!

Craft Activities - Have an adorable craft table for the kids. Each activity has different options.

- Balloon Classes! - Try something different and have them learn a new trade! Our professional artist, Sarah can come out and teach your kids how to make balloon swords and balloon dogs. Please reserve this activity for children 5 years old and older. Additional balloons and pumps can be purchased for the kids to take home at 8.00 each and a 4 day notice. Rates for balloon classes start at 150.00 per hour for every 10 students. Class usually lasts 30 mins and the remaining time is spent making balloons for the kids and playing with their creations. A selection of markers and stickers will be provided to decorate their balloons.

- Balloon Craft Table - 50.00 - Have a nice table setup with different shaped balloons and pumps for the kids to try. This activity is great for kids while they wait to have their faces painted. A selection of colored markers and stickers will be provided to decorate the kids balloon creations. A setup for 12 kids is 50.00. This includes about 100 balloons, several sheets of stickers, 3D shape stickers, colorful markers and 4 balloon pumps to use. This activity works great with the pre-made balloon party favor packages.

- Halo Parties!- Have your fairy princess party complete with a fun tutorial on how to make your own flower halo! All supplies will be provided for the kids. Rates start at 150.00 per hour for every 8 students. Class usually lasts 30-45 mins and the remaining time is spent painting faces.

Pregnant Belly Art - Belly Art starts at 85.00 call for details and discounts.

Don't forget to ask about Pictures, Costumed Characters, Portraits and Murals!

Payment - A full payment can be submitted via the paypal buttons on the bottom of the page. A 100.00 booking fee credited toward the final balance is required within 2 days of booking in order to reserve your date. The remaining Balance can be paid in cash on the event day. You can submit payment via paypal Sed03f@fsu.edu or by using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Please include Name, Date, and Services. If the Party is Cancelled within 1 week of the event date, then the booking fee can be credited toward other services. If you would like to change the date of the event, one rain check will be allowed per event, at least 1 week prior to event. You can send check or money order to:

Sarah Viviano
1799 Falconcrest St.
Tallahassee, Fl 32303

Booking fee prices
tallahassee face paint

fairy face painting butterfly

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