Color Hair Spray goes great with all Events!

Color hair spray can be applied all over the head, or just a few streaks. Common styles are stripes, polka dots, zig zags and stencils. Different styles of stencils for the hair are available, the most common are stars, hearts and basic flowers. The hair stencils work best on hair in pony tails and styles that are able to be hair sprayed.

color hair for all agestiger hair spray

temporary red hair stencil color spray design hair stencil, temp hair color spray

Color hair spray washes out with regular shampoo and is not permanent. The color comes out of most fabrics with warm water and soap. For more convenient use, usually I do not spray the back of the head so that the color does not come out on chairs. For best designs I offer mostly stencils and colored streaks.

sarahs sara face painting