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Baby Shower Decorations and Centerpieces!

Serving Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Monticello, and the surrounding areas. Balloon decorations are great for entrance ways, cake tables, gift tables, chair decorations, and much more. Balloon made party favors and flower arrangements or flower hats are great to give out to game winners. Have something for the kids to play with and spruce up your event with some colorful balloon fun!

lots of balloon decorations

Baby Balloon Dolls are great for Baby Shower Games!

balloon baby dollballoon babies
Two Dozen babies for only 50.00!!

Babies are extra fun having guests draw their own faces!
Who has the cutest baby face?... contest!
Who can take care of their baby longest without popping their bundle of joy?
Who ever is caught leaving their baby unattended gets eliminated from the grand prize.
Who ever holds onto their baby longest without putting her down wins!
Who has the baby with the messy diaper?
Who can make the cutest paper clothes?
Who can change their baby without popping the diaper?

Baby Belly Paintings are great for Baby Showers Too!

Having mamas belly painted before the shower
or during the event makes the occasion even more memorable.
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